What’s In My Journal”
by William Stafford, from Crossing Unmarked Snow

“Odd things, like a button drawer. Mean
Thing, fishhooks, barbs in your hand.
But marbles too. A genius for being agreeable.
Junkyard crucifixes, voluptuous
discards. Space for knickknacks, and for
Alaska. Evidence to hang me, or to beatify.
Clues that lead nowhere, that never connected
anyway. Deliberate obfuscation, the kind
that takes genius. Chasms in character.
Loud omissions. Mornings that yawn above
a new grave. Pages you know exist
but you can’t find them. Someone’s terribly
inevitable life story, maybe mine.”


My blog will be a place for me to share the things that make me happy and make me think. Some of those things are books, music, writing, television, movies, comics.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am researching the writings by Lewis Lawes for the publication of my great grandfather’s memoirs working as a prison guard at Sing Sing from 1879 – 1929. My great grandfather was Alfred Conyes and in his memoir (found among my mother’s books upon her death) he refers to the writings of Lewis Lawes. Would it be possible for us to have a phone conversation? My phone is 513-225-1185. Thank you, Penny Jarrett – pjarrett32@yahoo.com

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