I love television. I am not just talking about “good tv” which usually refers to things on PBS. My definition of good tv extends around the dial. Morning, noon, or night, there is likely to be something on (or recorded) that could suck me in and make me its own.

For some of us, I know, there is television with ritual to it. As a kid, I remember that my sister and I would live for The Monkees. I also had the 4:30 movie show that was on a Buffalo television station every weekday. That was where I settled after school to “do my homework” and watch delicious movies from the 1940s and 50s. That was some good education.

Sometimes it is just the sounds of television that make me happy. My bedroom as a kid was right above our living room and I could usually hear the din of television as I was going to sleep at night. It was comforting. Even now, I like the sound of football and baseball on television more than I like watching it.

For many of my years I have been a morning television person. For a long time I was a Today Show person. I nervously tried out each new host that showed up to replace someone that I had grown comfortable with. I made it through Barbara Walters, and Jim Hartz (I had to look that one up), and was settled in with Tom Brokaw and Jane Pauley and Tom Brokaw when I went to college. When Dan was in law school and I was driving to Jefferson City every morning, we had a morning routine where we would watch Diane Sawyer and Bill Kurtis. They were morning pals. Only recently have I returned to morning television. Thanks to the two broken feet debacle where I was relegated to the couch for six weeks, I got to know and enjoy the Morning Joe show on MSNBC. This one has been a challenge for Dan. We have had many a morning where Joe Scarborough says something that completely enrages Dan. I argue that they are there to do just that, and tell him to just enjoy the quick repartee among the hosts and the guests in the morning. I like my morning routine of waking up before the crack of dawn, shower, coffee, newspaper and computer check while listening to Joe, Mika and Willie.

Because I tried to be a good parent, television watching while the kids were growing up was limited to the educational. I am not quite sure how that all worked out. My denial of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did not seem to prevent the ultimate embrace of everything in that wheelhouse once the arms of my protection got less strong. It worked out okay for me though. I got to spend some fine years watching Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, PBS cooking shows, and Wheel of Fortune with two of the cutest kids in the world. I may have enjoyed TMNT, but oh how I loved those others.

Now, of course, I am too busy and too smart to spend my time in front of the set. Ha! There I sit for the laughs, the intrigue, the excitement, the bafflement, and the ideas. Give me a day where I can come home from a long day at work and laugh at Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, or Modern Family. No one can tell me that Bob’s Burgers is not one of the weirdest but funniest things on these days. And you can bet that I am there when US Deputy Marshall, Raylan Givens brings Raylan-style justice to his freaking crazy Kentucky. Good grief, I want to watch some Justified right now!