Happy Girls


There was a good post on The New Yorker’s Culture Desk blog about Anne Hathaway. Writer Sasha Weiss discussed the hostility that often gets pointed at girls, young women and women who appear too happy, too confident, too girly. Weiss writes that Hathaway “represents the archetype of the happy girl, which is one that many people resist.”


Not to say that there is much that would make you think of me when you think of Anne Hathaway, but I get classified in that “happy girl” camp. A few weeks ago I was in line waiting to board a Southwest flight. I saw an acquaintance approaching me in the serpentine queue. I called her name and she looked over and we started chatting a little. She said she had seen me, but then thought it wasn’t me because I wasn’t smiling. That kind of cracked me up. Getting on a plane for a quick business trip by myself may be one of the times when I am not confronting the world with my smile. However, I bet as soon as I got to the person at the gate, I gave them a smile and thanked them for being so kind as to scan my piece of paper and let me on the plane. Why not?  I like smiling – just like Buddy the Elf.


To be serious, though, the vitriole against Anne Hathaway seems like such a waste. She’s a talented actress. She does good work when she is not acting. If people want to write about the really horrible people of this world, there are plenty out there.