Last Week’s Good Things

weekI’ve noticed that many people are using the month of November – the month of Thanksgiving – to post a daily gratitude on Facebook. That is a really nice practice and one that really is a good personal exercise to pay attention. That has always been the intent of this “weekly” posting of my good things. When I don’t post good things, I am still trying to note them in my book. Even that, I don’t do as well as I should. The goal will always be to do better, because whether I am paying attention or not, there is a bunch of good stuff around.

Here are a few of mine that are nice to remember:

royalWatching the Royals from afar – I probably have talked about the Royals more than any other sports team I have written about in the past or in the future (this would be a different story if I was 12 year old me – passionate about the Buffalo Sabres). When the Royals made it to the World Series, love from around the country started to show up in social media. It was great to see friends, friends of friends, and perfect strangers lining up behind the fun ride that the Royals gave us. Probably the sweetest example of this for me was to see Sam and Jean sitting around with other Kansas City fans in an apartment in New York City watching the game – many in Royals regalia. Because of Facebook and Instagram, I got to see that as it happened. That made me happy.

06.RamHanuSitaRainReflectSita Sings the Blues – One of my co-workers shared a copy of a DVD of an animated film called Sita Sings the Blues with me. On my day off, I watched this awesomeness while I was  trying to get some other things done. Man! It was hard to get anything else done, because this is so good. It is really hard to capsulize this, but it is the film-makers retelling of  an Indian legend of Ramayama. The story leaps back and forth between a modern couple’s troubles and the legend of another troubled relationship. In the background, and incongruous, but surprisingly working soundtrack of Annette Hanshaw, a 1920s jazz singer, plays on. It sounds bizarre, and it is. It is also sparklingly beautiful with the colors of India drawn in exaggerated 2-D fashion. Once I had finished, I needed more, so I watched the film maker’s interview. It turns out, there is much more to the story dealing with the rights behind using the music. It is a great story in itself.

nutBoulevard Nutcracker – This is the time of year that Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City releases one of my favorite beers : Nutcracker Ale. It is a full flavored winter specialty ale that is fragrant and warm and delicious. Saturday, while preparing for a little gathering at our house, Dan came home from the store with a six-pack of the newly released 2014 Nutcracker Ale. Cheers!

Oil Pulling – This may be a weird one, but I want to put it out there in case someone may be interested, because it really has been a good thing for me. Oil pulling is a routine of rinsing your mouth with a natural oil for a period of about 15-20 minutes. The technique is an ancient one that has found a new following in the natural healing movement. I had never heard about it, but when I was talking with a friend about my continuing mouth issues, she mentioned this. The thought behind the practice is that it picks up and removes a lot of the nasties hiding out in your mouth. My experiment of trying this for about a week has been positive. My issues aren’t gone, but between this and my other routine, I am feeling like I am at least holding steady.

fallWalking in Fall Leaves – I probably have noted this one before, but walking through beautifully colored autumn leaves that have fallen and are covering the sidewalks is one of my favorite things! I have been able to enjoy that a bunch lately.

Keep looking for your good things; I will too.