This Week’s Good Stuff


1. Bookplates and mailing the check – Thanks to our Mardi Gras party guests, I sent Ali $500 yesterday. She will use the money to buy books for her first graders to take home and keep. What made me happy was sending along cute bookplates that can go inside them.

2. Dinner club – We have a group of friends that gather every few months to share a theme-based dinner. Everyone involved likes to cook, so it is usually a pretty great meal. Last night was one of my favorites yet. The theme was beer. On the menu: lamb roasted with stout, spicy pinto beans that were in beer, barley with chard, and for dessert, lambic (peach, raspberry or cherry) ice cream sodas and spiced cookies with a beer reduction.

3. Uppercase magazine – A few months ago, I came across Uppercase magazine at the Hammersmith retail store. I treated myself with copy, and have enjoyed spending time with it. The magazine is well designed and is full of images and creativity.

4. Snowday and stories of Kansas Citians – Thursday we were hit by a storm that brought over a foot of snow. My employer told several of us to stay home and avoid the dangerous conditions. For those who did get out, the stories that came out of people helping others were heartwarming.

5. Inbox Zero – My email is out of control. The number of emails in my inbox is absurd. This week I have done some research on the concept of Inbox zero. I am ready!