Music 2013 – I Hear Women

Female vocal leads are strong this year – stronger than I have noticed them to be for awhile. Overall, 2013 has been a good year for music that I like. The fact that much of it is led by a woman is a happy surprise. I thank NPR for introducing me to a number of my new finds, and I am happy that some artists that I have enjoyed in the past have resurfaced with new music over the last 9 months.

I will take a few posts to go over some of my listens – provide you a brief intro, give you some sample lyrics, and link to a performance. I hope that you might find something that you enjoy too

Boy – Mutual Friends

Naturally, the group Boy is composed of two women. One is German; one is Swiss. There is nothing amazing about this album, but it fun to listen to. The lead singer has a good voice with a lovely hint of accent in it. The two harmonize well and sing songs about love, relationships, happiness and disappointment. It is easy to like.   boy

        The trunk is filled with records

        And books and tears and clothes

        I’m smiling on the surface

        I’m scared as hell below

        And the rear view could picture

        What we leave behind

        Drive darling, drive darling,

        Drive darling, drive darling, drive

                  Drive Darling – Boy 


Camera Obscura – Desire Lines

It has been four years since the band Camera Obscura has released an album.Desire Lines again shows the dreamy, lavish, rich sounds of this Scottish band, led by the vocals of Tracyanne Campbell. The arrangements are wonderful, and her voice swayingly pulls you along with each song.  Desire_Lines_(Camera_Obscura_album)

New year’s resolution – to kiss you like I mean it

With cheeks the colour of Rhubarb we’ll be fine

Everybody’s rushing around like they got a meeting

I just want to be here with a friend of mine

We decided to brave the elements of Spain

Because The Seven Year Itch was on telly again

New Year’s Resolution – Camera Obscura


Giant Drag – Waking Up is Hard to Do

Giant Drag is Annie Hardy – a thirty something Californian who has been performing for several years, but is releasing only her second full album. By accounts, Annie has had a pretty crazy existence over the last few years, but she has her stuff together now and is feeling okay. She says, however, that this will be her last album as Giant Drag. She is a fun lyricist and her voice is a mix of punk rock singer/50s girl group. If you can imagine it, “Garbage Heart” a take-off on “You’re just too good to be true.” “Heart Carl” is lovely. giant

Still got your trash in my car

        Minus that old garbage heart

        Make no mistake when I say

        That I prefer it that way

                Garbage Heart – Giant Drag


Steve Martin & Edie Brickell – Love Has Come for You

This is a treasure of an album. Edie Brickell has been a favorite of mine since her New Bohemian days. Here she is teaming with Steve Martin on a collection of songs that they have written together. The style is bluegrassy, but there is much contemporary about them. Edie still has that raspy voice that has drawn me to all of her  albums, and Steve Martin plays a mean banjo. love

When you get to Asheville

        Send me an email

        Tell me how you’re doing

        How its treating you

        Did you find a new job

        Did you find a new love

        Is it everything that

        You were dreaming of

– When You Get to Asheville


I hope you take a listen to a few. Let me know what you think.