Last Week’s Good Things


Last week’s good things were multiple, but here are a few of the more noteworthy ones. 


Jason Isbell, Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss at Starlight – As I have noted before, Jason Isbell is one of my all time favorite musicians – maybe my favorite. My most recent opportunity to hear him was at Kansas City’s Starlight Theater – a beautiful outdoor theater in Swope Park. The sound that night was spectacular! Jason was the opener, so he only had six songs, but he was brilliant as usual. I have not listened to Alison Krauss much, so I didn’t know what to expect there. She has a lovely voice, a great stage presence, and her sharing the spotlight with her other bandmates is winning. Willie Nelson put on a great show. We had heard him a few years ago at Red Rocks. That night he was okay. At Starlight, he seemed to really bring it more and more as the night went on. The night ended with all of the performers on stage singing gospel songs and looking really happy. So was I!


Keeping Positive – Our new office building is wonderful and to have most of our group in one place is the best! Last week, we had our first Division meeting and there were loads of good sentiments passed on by attendees. I was the recipient of some words that mean so much to me. There is a good vibe in the new building that is palpable. One thing being done is having everyone write on an index card what positive commitment they are making. These are hanging on the bulletin board in the breakroom. Seeing the number of cards grow each day is heart lifting!


Jean’s beer – After her visit here with Sam, Jean sent Dan a bottle of special beer. It came with a very sweet note and explanation of the contents. Of course, this spoke to Dan in a big way and he reciprocated with a flowing thank you and commentary on hows and whys of beers. Then we actually drank the beer, and enjoyed it for what it was and how it came to us. The whole process – seriously good!


Scanning Pictures for Ali and Jose’s Engagement Party – We couldn’t attend the engagement party that Ali’s New Orleans’ friends threw for them. What I got to do, however, is provide a photo history of Ali that they used. Sitting and looking through photo albums is the best history ever.

Dan and Pet Videos – Our morning routine during the week is early rising, Dan making breakfast, watching the news, reading the paper, and looking at our computers. Dan laughing at pet videos in the morning makes my morning.

I hope today and every day has many good things for you!

Bonus Good thing: Jason Isbell singing Cover Me Up at Starlight Theater

Last ?’s Good Things


It has been almost a month since I posted! That is the worse performance I have had yet. There are definitely excuses to be submitted, but I think the better thing is to just to get on with it. To ground myself, I am going to take a look back at that month that was and pick out memorable good things. Onward!

Kids Were Home – While right now, it already seems like it was ages ago, we did have both kids and their significant others under our roof – all at once – during the last month. That was a first that has happened, and I can’t wait for the next! Our little house had to compromise a little to accommodate everyone, but it worked. There were some first  meetings among them that were sweet. I had a day that we spent eating Oklahoma Joe’s and then wandering the zoo. We played games and we ate around Kansas City like nobody’s business. I have such sweet memories of the kids while they were growing up and all of the things we used to do together. This having adult children who live away from you is something that you adjust to, but is never completely easy. I like to be with them. I like to sit in the same room with them. I like to be more keyed into what is going on with them. I like to share meals with them. I like to get to know their partners better. When they leave, there is always still an achy heart. But they will be back!

ali and jose

A Happy Announcement – So, during that time we had the kids home, something very happy happened. On our 32nd anniversary, Jose asked Ali to marry him and she said yes. Dan and I both are so happy for both of them. Seeing them so happy with each other, makes us confident that their decision to spend their lives together is a good one. This is another new phase of our lives, but what a wonderful one. 


My New Office – Six years ago, my office got moved from inside the hospital to a trailer about a block away. Granted, it was a big trailer that held all of my very wonderful team members also, and my office did have a lovely view of downtown Kansas City. Nevertheless, it had its down sides. When we moved to the trailer, it was noted that it would be temporary. Temporary ended last month! I am now in a newly renovated building that houses most everyone in our department. My office is spacious with beautiful big tall windows. I am still in the midst of figuring out how to personalize it, but it is getting there. 

IMG_0989Making a new dish – Last weekend, as I emerged from everything that was going on, I decided that it was time to cook something new. When we were in Louisville last year, we went to Milkwood which is Chef Edward Lee’s restaurant. We tasted lots of dishes, all of which had wonderful flavors. Since then, I got his cookbook that is fun to look at, but which I had not cooked out of too much. Saturday I made his Rice Bowl With Beef, Onions, Collards, Fried Egg, and Corn Rémoulade. I am a pretty good cook, mainly because I pick good recipes and I follow directions well, but this may have been the best thing that I have every made. The Corn Rémoulade alone was so tasty. If I could have gotten away with it, I would have sat with a spoon and just eaten that like pudding. It was fun to prep this meal with all of the steps. It was fun to set the table and pour a wine. It was a very good thing to sit and share it with Dan – and, holy cow, was it delicious!

IMG_1004New Notebook – It seems appropriate that I got to start a new notebook during this time. Finishing off my last one, I looked back on its pages and appreciated all that it captured. When I think of all of the journals that I have kept through the years, I think this format makes me happiest. It kind of logs my life in both a reflective and positive way.

So, there it is. A new post. I am happy to be back!

Last Week’s Good Things

goodWhen you can’t sleep, what better thing to do then just get out of bed and write about last week’s good things? 


Making and sharing pierogies for Easter – Although it seems like a gazillion years ago, Easter was officially during last week. On Easter Sunday, we had family and friends over – 13 in total. Late in the afternoon, Dan’s sister came over and the three of us became a pierogie making machine. Pierogies, if you are not familiar, are a Polish dish – very much like a ravioli. The family version that Dan and his sister enjoy is filled with cottage cheese, sour cream and lots of pepper. Our finely tuned system included Dan making and rolling out the dough, me filling, cutting and crimping, and Laura boiling, buttering, and baking. The result was delicious, and because it was such a beautiful day, everyone took their plate out to the patio. We sat around talking of pierogies of old, the welcoming of spring, and whatnot. That was a fine example of a holiday celebration.


Austin KleonAustin Kleon is an artist and author. He has done a TED talk and a keynote at SXSW about creativity and being out there with your creativity – show your work. As part of Kansas City’s Middle of the Map forum, I got a ticket to go hear Austin speak on Tuesday night. Work has been more than hectic these days, so leaving work at a reasonable hour seemed decadent. Add to that, going to a cool space in the Crossroads arts district – where they welcomed me with a free copy of one of Austin’s books and a cold Boulevard Pale Ale – heavenly! Austin’s talk was all about fostering creativity followed by a charming Q & A session. He also has one of the most fun book signatures I have encountered.


Happy Hour Symphony – I guess I can’t whine about work hours too much since last Monday, Dan came to pick me up at work so we could go to the Kansas City Symphony’s Happy Hour. I had no idea that these existed, but we got an invite to come along with friends. This is a free series offered by the symphony and it includes time prior to the concert where you can hang around the beautiful lobby in the Kauffman Center and have a drink and chat. The concert itself only lasts an hour, so many people were there with their kids. We heard three pieces played by various ensembles. I had not been in Helzberg Hall before, but it is fantastically gorgeous with not a bad seat and incredible sound.

Mary Roach – It was a eventful week! Thursday night, I met friends at another beautiful Kansas City space – the Kansas City Central Library. It always makes me think of a New York Public library at a smaller, but just as lovely, scale. Thursday’s menu was a talk by author, Mary Roach. Mary’s most recent book is Gulp, which is a guidebook of your alimentary canal. The talk was a dialogue with a library staff member, followed by questions and answers. Mary has had a pretty fascinating writing life – writing books about sex, cadavers, life in space, and the afterlife. A author who spins science well is a friend of mine.


Happy birthday to Dan – Saturday we got to celebrate Dan’s birthday. Because he had to go into work in the morning, I spent some time doing some shopping and preparing for the requested birthday meal. The main dish was T-bone steaks which I got from McGonigles. I made twice baked potatoes with cheddar, sour cream, bacon and added a good amount of heat. Heirloom cherry tomatoes with avacados made the meal healthy. Dessert was Shatto vanilla ice cream with a choice of toppings. Friends were over to share in the bounty. We welcomed Dan into his new year delightfully well.

It is Wednesday already so I need to start enumerating what has been going on this week. I hope that your good things are piling up!

Last Week’s Good Things

weekThis was a week that began with snow on Monday and ended with shorts on Saturday. How confusing! I think that we are reaching the point where I can actually put away my winter clothes. That is a very good thing in itself, but here are a few others that were memorable during the week:

1. Accomplishments at work – Sometimes there are projects that you work on that you just get done solo. Other times, there are projects that require the input of lots of different people contributing lots of different pieces. Everyone has an important part, but, unfortunately, everyone doesn’t always understand how important their part is. This week I had a multi-part project that required input from a number of different people. I needed letters formatted, numbers calculated, careers summarized… It all came together and I was proud to be a part of it! And in the end, I got to celebrate over some very nice tequila.

God loves

2. JD McPherson at Knuckleheads – I had heard of JD McPherson, but had not really paid too much attention to him. A few of my friends, however, think that he is pretty awesome and had gotten tickets to go see him at Knuckleheads on Tuesday night. Since it was doable on our part, Dan and I went too. He is a very delightful performer, and the fact that lots of his family and friends were there was pretty great.  JD has kind of a blues, rockabilly style that is catchy and fun. What is most noticeable, however, is how much fun this guy has performing. Watching him from my seat, he had neon over him proclaiming “God loves you when you dance.” It seemed to fit very well for a midweek night in a roadhouse in the middle of America.

buda3. Grand Budapest Hotel – I have written before about how good friends and we have committed to a movie a month date. This week, when given the choices, I pounced on going to the Grand Budapest Hotel. Well, it turns out that our friends had already seen it, but were wanting/willing to see it again. Swoon. I fell in movie love. Not only is the movie as beautiful as I expected, but it is also super funny. What got me most, however, was how extremely kind this movie is. The sense of the movie is being a friend/confidant/mentor to others and seeing that relationship through. It is

4. Green Flag – Saturday proved to be a great day in Kansas City. Dan and I worked in the yard and got things looking better. We planted some seeds, mowed some grass, and pulled some weeds. At the end of the day, Dan made the decision to fly the green flag. The green flag is our designated symbol that our patio is open for business and if anyone wants to stop by for beer, wine, soda, chat – we are ready. As it turned out, no one showed up. That left Dan and me. We sat outside playing music on our Iphones and trying to guess the artist. It was so fun!  Next time the green flag is out, come and join in!

5.  No Nighttime tv – Dan and I gave up watching mindless tv for Lent. This is not necessarily a religious thing, but it is meaningful. How much time do I spend looking at someone chopping food, or telling jokes, or solving a crime… that could be better spent doing something that means more to me. The end of our pledge is here. What happens now?

Happy new week to all of you. Thanks for reading my blog and I hope that all of you have lots of good things in your new week!!

Last Week’s Good Things


photoThis was the week that Dan and I listened to Pharrell Williams quite a bit. That means that the song Happy was often in our ears. That wasn’t the only good thing this week. Here are a few more:


1. Larry Tye talking about Superman at the Library – The Kansas City Library has an amazing schedule of speakers during any month. I can remember so many good authors and talks that I have gone to over the years. Last week, I left work and headed to the beautiful downtown library to hear a talk about Superman. Before the talk, I got to roam through the current exhibit focused upon how American comic books took on the Nazis, Hitler and the Holocaust. After that, I got my complementary glass of wine, and plate of snacks, and sat down to hear a very engaging Mr. Tye talk about the genesis of Superman. That was not a bad way to end a day!

2. The Etsy Gift – Dan had been telling me that he had bought me a gift on Etsy, but he wasn’t quite sure if I was deserving of it. This made me pretty sure that this was going to be something greatly amusing. I was not, however, prepared for the awesomeness of what it was. For the past few years, we have been talking about starting a brewpub called Goats & Rabbits. The Goats and the Rabbits were the two political factions in old time Kansas City politics. Over the past several months, the conversation about starting the restaurant has become much more serious as Sam and Jean are making plans to come to Kansas City. It is really getting exciting. And on opening day of that restaurant that will be made, I will be wearing this:


3. Setting the Table for Company – After we came home from our trip to Italy, Dan and I both agreed that we should be more conscious about how we eat. One of the things that we talked about was sitting at the table for meals. As the kids left, it became more routine to sit in the living room and eat. We have gotten somewhat better at that, but there is still work to do. What is great about Dan and me sitting at the table is the same thing that becomes even better when the number of people at the table expands. I love setting the table for a meal. I like figuring out what dishes will be needed. I like setting down the plates, silverware and glasses. I like putting together a centerpiece and ironing the tablecloth and napkins. Saturday night we hosted our dinner club, so I got to get my table-setting jones met. Prettiness ensued.


4. Good books – I finished two different, but both great books this week. Sam recommended Mission Street Food, particularly for the philosophy that they take regarding business philanthropy. The book is an autobiography of their restaurants that started from a food truck night in San Francisco and grew to have a massive cult following. The other book was the novel, Salvage The Bones by Jesslyn Ward. This is the story of a family in Louisiana dealing with alcoholism, poverty, teenage pregnancy, and cruelty – as Hurricane Katrina is coming in. This was my gym book and as my treadmill time ended on Friday, I had about a chapter left. I reset the time and went to the end. It is quite stunning story telling. She manages to get such sweetness in the midst of some really pretty horrible scenes. It was definitely worth extra time on the treadmill.

5. Good Moods – There are just those days when there is nothing special, but it just feels great to be who you are; where you are. I had one of those days on Friday. I should have been feeling a little badly because I didn’t get any book work done, but I didn’t. I just reveled in the moments of the day. I read, exercised, made lists, grocery shopped, organized … Nothing special, but very special.

I hope all of us have some great mood days ahead of us!


Last Week’s Good Things

Feb23Winter does not seem to want to let go. Saturday’s warnings of ice and snow did not produce as mightily as forecast, but it was doomy and gloomy enough that we postponed our Mardi Gras party. Despite more cold days and icy streets, there were many good things that came my way last week. Here are a few of them.

1. 24 Hours of Happy – I haven’t seen Despicable Me, so I wasn’t aware of Pharrell’s song, Happy that is part of the movie. I heard the song when I was listening to an NPR podcast highlighting TED talks that dealt with happiness. The host noted that listeners should do themselves a favor by finding it and watching it. I watched the video and it was fun. It is an infectious, upbeat song with very happy dancing. The best, however, was that it led me to another website. 24 Hours of Happy is one of those websites that I will go back to. No matter what time you pull it up, you get a video of someone singing and dancing to the song at around the same time you are looking at it. It is pretty darn joyous!

2. Catching up for the Oscars – I was pretty behind on my watching, but I made up some ground last week – just in time for the show. We went to the theater to see all of the animated shorts. There were some good ones, but perhaps the best part was the talking giraffe and ostrich who dialogued between films. Who doesn’t like talking animals – especially giraffes and ostriches? I also watched Gravity, Twelve Years a Slave, and Dallas Buyers Club. It was a good year for movies. I also beat Dan in our Oscar picking challenge!


3. Ali in Disney World – When the kids were in grade school, we took a trip to Disney World. We didn’t do vacations often, so it was pretty special. Last week, Ali and Jose left for a trip to Disney World. It was so great to hear how excited she was as the time approached. Receiving photos of them around the park has been the best! It is a pretty magical place!

4. Being an Observer – For a work project, I sat in on a discussion conducted in a language that I don’t speak. The group of about a dozen men and women, spent an hour discussing something that meant a great deal to all of them. It was such a lovely experience for me. Even without knowing what they were saying, the body language, the tone, the emotion, all made me understand. It provided me a good lesson in communication.

5. Left-overs – When we decided to postpone our Mardi Gras party, we were able to freeze most of our fixings, but the red beans are going to be remade. I will share them with my work friends tomorrow, and we have had a few meals of them over the past few days – there were a lot of beans! On Saturday, when our cancellation went out, it noted that if anyone wanted beans, they could bring a container on by and pick some up. Barb decided to do that. She came by, sat and chatted, filled her container, and off she went. It was sweet.

I hope that all of you had a good week and your new one is wonderful.

Scapes – My Bedside

This is round 2 of my Scapes series and it reflects my bedside. Within reach are lots of things that give me comfort and make me happy. Hanging from the bedpost is an ivory rosary that my grandmother gave me and a threaded bracelet that I got in Bolivia. There are piles of books and magazines. There is a photograph of an ancestor of Dan’s. Again – my attempt at being artistic is crude, but it is fun! bedside

Scapes – My Dresser

I want to try something new on my blog this year, and this will be kind of weird. I love to look at pieces of other people’s lives. Where they live, how they live; what they do, how they do it. I especially love when this is done with images and creativity. Scapes is going to be my attempt to do something similar. It will be photos of some view in my life that I like, along with my attempt to creatively explain what it is and why I like it.

This first scape is my dresser. It sits in the corner of my bedroom, so when I am reading in bed it is my direct line of vision (this is a very small room, so little isn’t in my line of vision). I have always used the surface of my dresser to hold practical and fun/inspirational items. When I look at it, it makes me happy.

My creative attempt at explaining what some of the items are is below. As you can see, I have little talent for that kind of thing, but it is fun nonetheless.


Last (Couple) Week’s Good Things

bookLast week came and went without me taking time to do a post. Sure it is a busy time of year, but I can’t really blame that. I just didn’t get it done. I prefer to think that I will not let that happen with any regularity, but with end of the year goings-on, I am not promising that I won’t again falter.

Here are some things that have brightened the shortened days of the last two weeks.


  1. Holiday time outings – Seasonal activities are fun! When the kids were little, we would do a monthly family calendar that we put together on a calendar program, printed it out on our dot-matrix printer, and hung it up on the wall. December was my favorite month to plan. A few times over the last few weeks, seasonal activities filled my Google calendar. One night, we met Jim and Micaela and Pierpont’s in Union Station for drinks and appetizers before going to the Extreme Screen showing of Christmas Vacation. It very much put me in the holiday mood. Union Station is glorious anyway, but when you decorate it up with lights and holly, it is stunning. Pierpont’s is as classic a cocktail experience that you can have. The bar is glorious and the atmosphere speaks Kansas City. The movie was kind of a hoot. I think I have seen bits and pieces of this over the years, but never the whole thing. Seeing Chevy Chase goofiness on a very large screen was funny.


    My other holiday outing like this was going to the Quality Hill Playhouse with Barb to hear their annual “Christmas in Song” production. We both agreed that our husbands would not cotton to this kind of thing, so it was sans them. Again, it just was one of those experiences when you are with a group of people who clearly are enjoying themselves, listening to talented singers performing songs about the season, that you cannot help but feel the spirit of the season.


2.  People Going out of their Way to be Friendly – You hear how so many people get grumpy during the holidays, but I really don’t see that. I really do see people going out of their way to be kind and friendly and generous during this time of year. There have been a few examples that really stick out for me. I went to the drive-thru bank to make a deposit. I was putting my papers in the tube and I glanced over at the tellers station. She gave me a smile and a wave and pointed at a sign that was up on her window: “I’m sorry. I have lost my voice, but have a wonderful holiday.  :-).” Because I procrastinated, I needed to send a package to Sam and Jean via two day shipping. I took it into the Fed Ex shop and I had an amusing conversation with the clerk about firearms – we were kind of sympatico in our beliefs. After he told me what it would cost to send the box, he made an attempt to get it into one of their boxes so it would be less. The DHL guy who came to the door to deliver a package was happy and friendly, even though I can only imagine what craziness his days are like. Maybe I am noticing it more, but it feels nicer out there.


3. Putting Up our Christmas Tree – I had a little bit of trouble getting inspired to get the holiday decorations out and festooned. We didn’t get our tree until last weekend. There is something, however, about opening the box of ornaments and putting them on the tree that sparks happiness. There was the hat that they put on Sam’s head right after he was born. There was Ali’s little ballerina ornament. The Campbell Kids ornament that  could be Sam and Ali. We have Little Mermaid, Bernard and Bianca, Harry Potter. Recently, we buy ornaments when we travel: a Pinocchio from Venice, a bat from Cooperstown, a Danish doll from the funny Windmill in Iowa, a bourbon barrel from Louisville. It’s a beauty.

4. Kindle Daily Deals and Eleanor & Park – My preferred method of reading continues to be on paper. but Amazon’s power plays during this holiday has gotten me reading on my Ipad. Everyday, I receive an email with daily deals from their Kindle catalogue. Earlier this month, they offered several Young Adult books. Included was a book that I have been eager to read – Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park. a $2.99 One-click, and it was mine. One gray day, I hunkered down and finished up the book that I had been reading and I opened up Eleanor & Park. A few hours later I emerged a fan of this book and author. Rowell tells the story of two high school students who find in each other a loving relationship that one can only hope for during difficult teenage years. They accept each other for the people they are. Park learns how to work through the challenges of peer pressure. Eleanor learns how to trust and accept love. The book’s style is told in alternating Eleanor/Park chapters. This book also inspired a email exchange between Sam and me that I enjoyed. I have several more purchases waiting on my Ipad. Good way to spend a couple dollars.

5. Sick Days – I wrote before of some back problems that I was having. I ended up staying home one day to rest it. I don’t take many sick days, but really! How lucky are those of us who can stay home from work to heal and know that our job is safe.

I wish each of you reading a wonderful holiday season. Thanks for giving me the gift of your attention. While I like writing this, when someone tells me that they enjoy what I write, it makes my day! Thanks to all!

Last Week’s Good Things

Nov 11

We are moving into the final weeks of the year. The temperatures we had to start the week made me realize that, but this weekend has been warm and pretty pleasant. More than a few good things happened this week as the days started to warm. Here are a few.

Courtney Barnett – It is true that almost every new music love of mine is introduced to me via NPR. I can’t think that is a bad thing. What’s the matter with letting the experts cull from so much new music, those bands and performers that pass their muster? It happened again this week that a single song played on the All Songs Considered podcast made me go home and and purchase an album. This week it was Austrailian singer, Courtney Barnett. Her music came up because she played the CMJ Music Festival back in October in NYC and everyone on the panel declared love. The song that they played was Avant Gardener, and I have literally had this song in my head since. It has droney guitars, lyrics that pull you into the story and make your own visuals, and a lazy delivery that reminds me sometimes of Lucinda Williams. Other songs on the album also build stories with humor and darkness – oftentimes both in the same song. She has some great syncopation and word choice. The double EP is titled A Sea of Split Peas. It made my week better!

I get adrenalin

Straight to the heart

I feel like Uma Thurman

Post-overdosing kick start

Reminds me of the time

When i was really sick and i

Had too much psuedoefedryn and i

Couldn’t sleep at night


Conversations – Friday was a really good day. I got to spend the day working on a chapter and made good progress on it. Late in the afternoon, I walked up to Bier Station and met Barb for a beer and some talk. When I left, the sun had set and the almost full moon really lit up the sky. After a very cold start of the week, it felt great strolling home on that warm, beautiful evening. When Dan got home, I made a Friday evening cocktail and we sat around talking a little before I made dinner. After finishing, we stayed at the table awhile – just chatting about people and things that were on our mind this week. Days can become so scheduled and full. Stresses can cloud the positive things that are out there. I loved the solitary time I had that day to focus on my writing, but then having time together with favorite people made a really good day, better.

 Sherwood Center – The movement of stuff in the world is extraordinary. I don’t think that a week goes by that at least one new non-perishable item doesn’t make its way into our house. Sometimes you need to purge, if only to make way for what you know will be coming – more stuff. In the past, we did try the garage sale route to perhaps get back some of the dollars sunk into the things that we no longer wanted. However, the time and effort to get 25 cents for some old t-shirts and books, no longer appeals to me. That is why I love the agencies that come around periodically and take away boxes and bags of our unwanted things. The Sherwood Center is my go to service. They come when they are supposed to and they leave a receipt so I can take the donation off on our taxes. The best!



Remembering the Sabres of the 70s – On Facebook a few days ago, the Buffalo Sabres posted a picture of #11, Gilbert Perreault wishing him a happy 63rd birthday. The photo posted (above) was from his glory days with the Sabres when he, Rene Robert, and Richard Martin skated together on the team. They were known as the French Connection and they made me into a hockey fan. One of the saddest days of my childhood that I remember (this makes me realize how good my childhood was) was when I won tickets to a Sabres game by guessing the correct score of the game in the weekly contest published in the Buffalo News. The day we were supposed to go to the game, there was a big snowstorm and my parents wouldn’t drive the 50 miles into Buffalo. I cried a lot. A few weeks later, my uncle got me tickets and took me to see my hockey heros. Seeing that picture this week brought back good memories!

holiday hero

The Holiday Hero Campaign and the Children’s Mercy Cancer Center Board – Doing good is easier for some than others. People with a lot of money can choose to distribute it to those projects that are important to them. That is relatively easy. But when people donate their time and their extended resources to support a project, it takes more effort. This week, the wonderful board of the Children’s Mercy Cancer Center hosted an event to kickoff the annual Holiday Hero Campaign. This campaign brings in dollars to the Cancer Center. The funds then support programming and research. Each year, a “hero” family is chosen. This year’s is one of the Spanish speaking families who have benefited from the Spanish Language cancer clinic now offered at the hospital. The event was so nice. There were board members, hospital staff, friends and family of everyone, and, of course, the Hero family. Through an interpreter, the father explained what thanks they had for the care their whole family got during their daughter’s treatment. Kicking off the holiday season amongst such good people was a good thing.