My Top Ten Albums of 2014

st_vincent_2014_album-500x500I definitely listened to music more intensely this year than I usually do. What I lost in volume of music that I listened to, I made up for in really getting to know so albums. My top ten all come from albums that Dan and I listened to and wrote about this year. Some of the entries are no-brainers, but there are a couple on this list that I didn’t adore when I first listened to it, but which grew on me as the year passed.

Dan ranked his top ten over on DJR Blogging. His top 4 are all on my list, but after that, we go our own ways!

Building up to #1, here is my top ten!

lazaretto10 ) Jack White’s Lazaretto – This album had a combination of great music and Jack White’s clever lyrical escapades. Seeing him perform many of these songs when we were at Forecastle Festival this summer added another layer of liking to this album. Dude is a showman.

brill9) New Pornographer’s Brill Bruiser – There is an exuberance to this album that I love. It seem to me to be one of those albums that just sounds like the musicians had fun making.

ben8) Sun Kil Moon’s Benji – This album is ungodly depressing, but I loved it. Go figure.

jenny7) Jenny Lewis’ Voyager – This one moves around on my list a lot. It probably should be closer to the number 1 position, but I couldn’t move any of the other ones down either. Jenny Lewis’ voice is amazing and this album is wonderful!

Leyla-kopie6) Leyla McCalla’s Vari-Colored Songs – This was a great find this year. I had never heard of Leyla or listened to any of her songs. I read an article about her using Langston Hughes poems as the basis for this album. It is beautiful!

Hozier-album-cover-Raine-final-boost-1024x10245) Hozier – Hozier’s song Take Me to Church is kind of all over the place these days. For good reason, I say! An Irish guy singing soul has a lot to like about it.

ts4) Taylor Swift’s 1989 – When I picked this album for our weekly listen, it was kind of as a joke. Turned out that Taylor Swift makes a pretty dandy pop record that I loved listening to.

riff raff3) Hurray for the Riff Raff’s Small Town Heroes – This was one that I didn’t cotton to immediately, but that has grown to be one of my very favorites. If I had to pick a favorite song for the year, I would likely pick St. Roch Blues. That song is amazing.

Beck_Morning_Phase2) Beck’s Morning Phase – This is my favorite kind of Beck – dreamy and a little sad. The sound of this album is absolutely beautiful.

1) St Vincent – I love this album in every way. Her guitar playing is brilliant, her performance is quirky and artsy, and her lyrics are magical. There was no contest in making this my number 1.

I am glad to have these wonderful album in my ITunes, but I am ready to start finding some new music! Happy new year!!


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