Everything’s Going to be Alright by Weezer (Album of the Week)


Album: Everything’s Going to be Alright in the End

Artist: Weezer

Year: 2014

About: 13 songs; 43 minutes

Choice: DJR Blogging

They are probably best known for an alt/punk-rock song released in the 1990s about unraveling a sweater. We are talking about twenty years here, and there is remarkably little difference in the sound that Weezer put out on their first album and what they have done this year. The style of the songs on Everything Will be Alright in the End are a good throwback to what Weezer in my head memory box sounded like. Rik Ocasek from The Cars produced that first album and he returns for this one. This is a reunion that can put your ears into a kind of wayback machine.

Dan loves this album for the guitar, bass and drums. He writes over on DJRBlogging about ignoring some of the inside story of the album to focus on what is going on with the instruments. We are pretty much on the same wavelength with this one.

Weezer has been making music continually since their 1994 breakout album, Weezer (The Blue Album)(not to be confused with the Red album or Green album that showed up afterwards). I liked the fun of that first album – The Sweater Song, Buddy Holly, and, my favorite, Only in Dreams. In between Blue and their most recent album, I don’t remember much other than Hash Pipe. That probably has much to do with my listening habits that eschews the radio in favor of creating my own listening compilations. From what I have read about their musical journey during these twenty years, however, I may have made an okay choice to wait for this album. The musical journey that the band has taken has not been a consistent one. I very much appreciate bands doing that, but for a not-huge fan, that allows people like myself to lose touch with them.

Rivers Cuomo has always been an interesting dude. Right after the Blue Album he enrolled at Harvard and began a college career that lasted about ten years before he graduated with honors. He is on record about choosing celibacy before marriage, and other less than traditional lifestyle choices.

From a little that I have read, the songs on this album can be categorized into three areas. I have not been doing a lot of analysis to find those, but it is obvious that there is lots of looking back and trying to figure things out here. The format for telling about that introspection, however, is electric guitaring tracks that sometimes open up into classic rock and roll blastoffs! The last three tracks of the album, I. Wasteland, II. Anonymous, and III. Return to Ithaka are almost vocal-less and made me think of a rock opera like Tommy. I like that these pieces were added to an otherwise catchy vocal laden album.

The band released the track, Back to the Shack, months before the album was released. Anyone listening would hear an apology to fans for getting off course and a resolve to get back to their roots in 1994. They make it happen with the full album release.

The songs that aren’t the real jammy ones, could be taken from 1960s pop bands. I hear that in Lonely Girl where there are accompanying background to River’s crooning “I’m Lonely, so lonely” that make me think Herman’s Hermits. He also brings in one of my faves, Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast, for Go Away that is blissy 1960s surf rock.

Listening to this album this week, I kept thinking that I had heard a lot of the songs before. That gives you a hint as to what to expect. I was fine with it and enjoyed the listen.

Next up: Taylor Swift 1989



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