Good Things – Special Edition


Goodness. Where to start here? Having been over two weeks since I have ventured to write about good things, my small band of readers may be worrying that that is because I had no good things to report. Not the case. The last couple weeks have kind of weird in their compilation of good things. I will accept that willingly.

To avoid claims of favoritism, I am going to do the #1 and #2 spots in chronological order. Reading on, you will understand why. These things are major.


  1. Wedding Dress Shopping – I know that there are shows devoted to it, but it has pretty much escaped me that buying a wedding dress is a social event. When I bought my wedding dress, I believer that I went to the shop within walking distance of school – between classes – picked out a dress  – and got back in time for botany. Different times. I am not stuck in the past! I can adjust! And I was thrilled that Ali wanted me to be there to help her pick out her dress. I flew down to New Orleans on a Thursday. I got to spend some time with some adorable 1st graders on Friday, and on Saturday we met up with friends and new family to find the dress. It was a wonderful and poignant thing to help my little girl into dresses that transformed her into a princess. Seeing how happy she is, and excited she is to begin a new part to her life story, made me more than happy to be there. As it turned out, there were not dozens of dresses tried on. When she tried on number three, all gathered knew that it was the place to stop. She tried on a few more, but we came back to #3. I can’t wait to show a picture of it, but those who have seen it agree that it is her. And I am so glad that I was there!DSCF7624
  2. Another Wedding in the Family – Before I even met her, and before they were even deep into their relationship, I knew that Sam and Jean were good for each other and that they were going to get married. I did tell a few people that, so the record will indicate that my “I told you so” dance, is justified. Last week, we found out that I was right. Probably sooner than later, Sam and Jean will get married. They have chosen a very simple ceremony.  After that, they will bring together special friends and immediate family to celebrate. It fits them, and I am again, so happy that they have found each other, and happiness, and partnership. Having Jean in our family, as it is for Jose, seems natural.

I was going to write  about other good things, but I want to leave it there. After all, if I want anything as a parent, it has always been to have my children happy and healthy. The most important good things ever! Those parents out there who are reading this, know that that isn’t always possible.  Sometimes it takes more directions than your nervous system has the capacity for. But this week, I feel pretty lucky. I am not Pollyanna-ing and saying that Sam and Ali have storybook lives ahead of them. But, I am lucky to know that Dan and I are both here for all four of them. We are here and available to guide them when they want, comfort them when they need, advise them if they ask, and celebrate them whenever we have a chance. That is more than good.

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