Last Week’s Good Things

Feb23Winter does not seem to want to let go. Saturday’s warnings of ice and snow did not produce as mightily as forecast, but it was doomy and gloomy enough that we postponed our Mardi Gras party. Despite more cold days and icy streets, there were many good things that came my way last week. Here are a few of them.

1. 24 Hours of Happy – I haven’t seen Despicable Me, so I wasn’t aware of Pharrell’s song, Happy that is part of the movie. I heard the song when I was listening to an NPR podcast highlighting TED talks that dealt with happiness. The host noted that listeners should do themselves a favor by finding it and watching it. I watched the video and it was fun. It is an infectious, upbeat song with very happy dancing. The best, however, was that it led me to another website. 24 Hours of Happy is one of those websites that I will go back to. No matter what time you pull it up, you get a video of someone singing and dancing to the song at around the same time you are looking at it. It is pretty darn joyous!

2. Catching up for the Oscars – I was pretty behind on my watching, but I made up some ground last week – just in time for the show. We went to the theater to see all of the animated shorts. There were some good ones, but perhaps the best part was the talking giraffe and ostrich who dialogued between films. Who doesn’t like talking animals – especially giraffes and ostriches? I also watched Gravity, Twelve Years a Slave, and Dallas Buyers Club. It was a good year for movies. I also beat Dan in our Oscar picking challenge!


3. Ali in Disney World – When the kids were in grade school, we took a trip to Disney World. We didn’t do vacations often, so it was pretty special. Last week, Ali and Jose left for a trip to Disney World. It was so great to hear how excited she was as the time approached. Receiving photos of them around the park has been the best! It is a pretty magical place!

4. Being an Observer – For a work project, I sat in on a discussion conducted in a language that I don’t speak. The group of about a dozen men and women, spent an hour discussing something that meant a great deal to all of them. It was such a lovely experience for me. Even without knowing what they were saying, the body language, the tone, the emotion, all made me understand. It provided me a good lesson in communication.

5. Left-overs – When we decided to postpone our Mardi Gras party, we were able to freeze most of our fixings, but the red beans are going to be remade. I will share them with my work friends tomorrow, and we have had a few meals of them over the past few days – there were a lot of beans! On Saturday, when our cancellation went out, it noted that if anyone wanted beans, they could bring a container on by and pick some up. Barb decided to do that. She came by, sat and chatted, filled her container, and off she went. It was sweet.

I hope that all of you had a good week and your new one is wonderful.


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