Last Week’s Good Things


The Winter Olympics – My routine last week was wake up – go to work – go to the gym – come home – eat dinner – watch Olympics. I understand how the two weeks of winter sports may not be everyone’s favorite. One comment I heard was that figure skating was the only sport you really could see what people look like. The Winter Olympics believes in protecting the head! Despite the absurdity of some of it,  when you see people fly through the sky on boards or skis or plain, old skates – how is it anything but wondrous? When I watched the closing ceremony on Sunday, I got a little teary. Two more years.


bunnyGoogle Fiber (Guys) – On Friday we made the switch to Google Fiber. I don’t know how much this will mean to us. The tv stations are all in different positions and the remote is a different color. They did give us this cool tablet that can also serve as a remote. At the same time, we made the decision to try life without a telephone landline and go purely with our cell phones (which means I will need to start paying attention to that thing). The best thing about getting Google on Friday, however, was the technician crew. They said they would be there at 8 AM. They were. They were super friendly, efficient, complimentary to their product and their company. I received good teaching with good humor. I love good customer service and those guys brought it!

Cards in the Mail – This is the year when I use the postal service to its utmost. Who doesn’t love to get a piece of real mail? I come to it with the thought that my friends and family deserve the few minutes that it takes to write a note to them and put it in the mail. Apparently, I am not the only one with such thoughts. Each day last week I came home to cards of support and sympathy. I am so grateful for each one, and I am so lucky to have the dear people in my life that I do.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon – Let me start by saying that I do not stay up late enough to watch the Tonight Show. But I do watch a news program in the morning that often plays clips from the previous night’s show. Jimmy Fallon makes me smile. He writes thank you notes. He seems gracious and kind and his jokes are silly. He has an adorable baby. And he does hilariously genius things like this:

Daily Texts – Spending time with my younger sister and her husband a couple weeks ago was really nice. Despite the sad reason that we were together, we shared many laughs together. That is what the Irish do. When I got home, I really missed her and I didn’t want to lose the connection that we nurtured again during our time together. So, since then, we have been texting each other at least once a day. Sometimes it is just a “good morning” or “have a good day,” but sometimes it is a little bit more. No matter what, it is a good part of my day.

I wish everyone a week full of many good things!


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