Album of the Week Project

new multitudesI have written before on this blog about albums that have meant something to me, or that I have taken the time to get to know. I almost always comment on how hard it is to find the time (or take the time) with any particular album. When I do do it, I am almost always pleased that I have done so. There is so much to discover out there.

This year, I have been challenged by Gone Mild to do this weekly. We will take turns picking an album each week. We will have a week to listen, and then we will talk about it during our weekly Sunday lunch.

We had a preliminary round this past week. I picked an album from 2012: New Multitudes, Jay Farrar’s collaboration with Jim James, Will Johnson, and Anders Parker. They took Woody Guthrie found lyrics and created their own versions of what Woody may have wanted for those songs. Gone Mild has posted the first effort (even though we did not really have time to discuss it much, we thought we should get the party going). Take a look – join in if you would like.

This week we are listening to Jaz Z’s The Blueprint 3. Happy new year and happy listening!



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