Last Week’s Good Things

journalThis is my third month of growing readership on my blog. Thanks to those of you who read! To those of you who offer kind words of encouragement, those mean a great deal. As is apparent oftentimes on this blog, I love me the list. I started one the other day that I intend to keep as a work in progress. I may write about it further one of these days. It is called “Things I Wish I Did Everyday.” It is pretty small now, but every now and then, I think of things that I go and add. While there is really no way that I would ever blog everyday (my ability to come up with things to write about is limited), I wish that I could. I like the exercise. I like the feeling of accomplishment. I do like the feedback.

So, back after a week of hiatus, I bring you five good things from last week!

Early Morning Gas Station Attendants at Costco

I leave for work when it is still dark outside. My days are long, and when I come home, I usually just want to get to destination My House. Because of that, when I need gas, I buy it in the morning. Costco is right on my route and their gas station opens at 6AM. It is a well lit and safe location to pull up to and pump gas in the dark. Almost always, the attendant on duty will come over and chat. We have talked about deep things like the weather, my bumper stickers, my mpg, the price of gas, and my car. They are always friendly, and l always pull aways from the pump thinking that Costco really knows what it is doing when they choose employees. From the loveliest to the lousiest of days, they bring friendliness to early morning customers that is appreciated.

God Bless America 

Last Sunday we went to a dinner sponsored by the Chiefs Ambassadors. This is a group of former Kansas City Chiefs football players who are committed to our city and support it through a variety of efforts. It was a fun evening that included cocktails created by Ryan Maybee, food prepared by Kansas City chefs like Jasper Mirable and Colby Garrelts, and a fun three piece that became even moreso when Walter White took the microphone to front it. We sat at a table with local sportscaster Frank Boal who was very nice – not just because he won the signed football at our table and gave it to me. Chiefs Deron Cherry and Danan Hughes and their wives also sat with us. They were friendly and funny and charming. Towards the end of the evening, Mr. White asked everyone to stand up and we sang God Bless America. There was just something about that moment that was so touching. The noisy room hushed. Hats came off. Huge men stood tall and almost to a person, everyone sang along. I really wish that this was our national anthem. When you sing it and think about it, it feels so personal. It is a prayer, a hope, a tribute to a land that is, even for all of its issues, the land that we love.

Lemongrass Chickenlemongrass

The lemongrass plant is a very pretty annual that I have planted in the past. I had missed planting it the last few years because the nursery that we usually go to doesn’t seem to carry it. This spring we went out to the Family Tree Nursery which carries a crazy variety of plants and I was able to bring home some lemongrass. The little 3 inch containers contained a few leaves of the plant. Currently the four plants that I bought are over a foot tall and are a really nice decorative plant at the back of my raised bed and at the foot of our walkway. The one thing that I haven’t done with my lemongrass is use it. That changed this week when I made a recipe for lemongrass chicken. The recipe that I chose was this one that included boneless chicken breast, finely chopped lemongrass, garlic, hot pepper, and onion. It was further flavored with some sugar, fish sauce, soy sauce and curry powder. Because of the comments from others, I did not add the extra salt, which was a good thing. I served it with a side of a tomato salad, seasoned with Zatar and olive oil. It was delicious!

Sam’s Birthday

samand me

This week my firstborn turned 28. This is a shocking development for me as a mother. I still am working on how to parent adults. That transition from being their world’s center to – in my case – being a long distance parent who knows only what they share, is weird.     But from my vantage point, I know it was a good year for Sam.  Most importantly, Sam and Jean came together during the year and have a committed relationship that seems to be so strong, good and happy. Sam also has moved ahead in his career and continues to make choices that will lead him to his ultimate goal. In a couple weeks, I get to spend some time with Sam and Jean in New York. I can’t wait.

New Television

My DVR has been very quiet the last several weeks. We have caught up with everything that was on there, and there wasn’t anything being recorded. But this week that changed! The new television season has started. I have made a pseudo-pact not to take on new series, but I am there for my previously chosen! This week, we got a new episode of How I met Your Mother and Modern Family. Tonight we get Bob’s Burgers. Thirty minutes of goofy comedy after a long day is a good thing.

My list was long this week. It was hard to pick five. Again, looking at the things that I jot down during the week reminds me of how truly lucky I am.

How was your week? Anything good that you want to share?


One thought on “Last Week’s Good Things

  1. One thing I appreciated about Modern Family this week was its subtle and gentle hint to those of us thoughtlessly using the term “gay marriage” to describe a marriage of gay people. It’s “marriage” – and only a comedy could make that point so nicely without being preachy or strident.

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