Last Week’s Good Things

diaryThis week saw very summery days turn quite fall-like. That was a good thing, indeed. Here are some other good things from the week that was.

1. Tamara Shopsin’s 5 Year Diary – I am admittedly a sucker for journals. In the past, I made journals. It was a hobby that I really liked, and I became pretty good at. More recently, I have bought the journals that I have used. I really love the Decomposition Book Composition Books that are produced by Michael Roger. I have two of these going at the moment – one as a catchall weekly “logbook” and one for my work to-do list/miscellaneous keeper. I got something new this week, that I am very happy with. Tamara Shopsin has created a grown-up five-year diary and, as of this week, I have me one.  Tamara Shopsin is a great artist and author. I am not sure of what prompted her to create this product, but I adore it! it has a simple, beautiful design, that I love. Every day now, I fill in 6 or fewer lines of something that was memorable/recordable from the day before. You can start anywhere, anytime. It is another way for me to be mindful of my day to day. diary1

2. In A World – Yesterday afternoon I went to see Lake Bell’s movie “In A World.” It had been a few months since I have been in a movie theater, and it was good to be back! This is being shown at the Leawood Theater which is a pretty neat old-school large format theater. In A World is the story of a young woman who is trying to break into the voiceover business. Her dad is one of the industry’s best, and he seems destined to become the next person to be voicing the iconic “In a World…” tagline in movie trailers. Of course, nothing goes as  planned. It is a fun, quirky movie and Lake Bell is fun to watch and listen to. Charming Rob Cordray and Demitri Martin also are in the cast, although the Cordray story line is a little odd/out of place. Amidst a fun film, there is a message about women’s voices that I found on point.

3. Neko Case’s The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You – When I put together my best music of the year list in December, it is going to include lots of women.  I am gearing up to write a separate post about what a good year for female artists this has been, but I need to note separately what a good thing it has been to listen to Neko Case‘s new album this week. She possesses a wonder of a voice, and she combines that voice with crazy good songs on this album. There are themes of loss and gender and parenting. There is imagery like no one’s business. My favorite:

Last night late I was watching it snow

It always goes sideways in the city

It comes right out of the streetlights, you know

Pumped out by an engine deep inside the earth’s core neko-case-the-worse-things-get

4. Comments from Important People Who Have Read Pieces of My Book – I continue to plug away on the book that I am still writing. People ask me if it is still fun, and I truthfully tell them that it really is. I like putting the pieces together. I am enjoying more the trying to fill in the blanks, although this is challenging to me. I am also working on writing more of a story and less of a thesis. This past week I got feedback from a great friend who read a chapter and had complimentary words. As importantly, he is also going to give me some critical feedback. When you look at words over and over you begin to doubt whether they even make sense. Getting some encouragement and suggestions means a great deal. The other note I got this week was from a family member of one of the main characters in my book. I opened his email this week when I woke up and started my day with some tears in my eyes. His note meant the world to me, and the spirit of it is the true reason that the book is still fun.  This story has been a gift that I have been given, and it is my charge to see it through.

5. Grocery shopping on A Friday morning – When I stayed home with the kids, we would almost always do our grocery shopping midweek and in the morning. I like to get my things accomplished early. On Friday, I took my car in for a repair. By 8:30 I was out of there and set to go home. I decided, however, that since there was a grocery store right near the dealership, I would stop in for some groceries. I don’t know if it was because it was the start of a new day, or because it was Friday, or because the Chiefs won their game last Sunday, or if it is always that way, but it was just such a friendly, happy experience. The produce guys were laughing and greeting as they restocked colorful vegetables. The woman at the meat counter was cheerful. The deli lady laughed at herself for talking to the plastic bag that wouldn’t cooperate. All through the store there were friendly, helpful staff, and seemingly happy customers. My check out person was the express line guy who called me over to his line. He talked to me about their rewards program, how he likes to pay inside at gas stations, and about something that happened with his son – all while efficiently checking my groceries out. Friday morning grocery shopping is the best!

Tell me something that was good from your week.

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