Last Week’s Good Things

SkitzyWe are into September, but it is still feeling like summer here in Kansas City. The past week was a busy one. Here are five of the good things that happened. Don’t forget to post here or on my Facebook page one of the good things that you experienced last week.

Labor Day – I know that there are lots of people who do have to work on Labor Day, but I am one of the lucky ones who does not have to. It is really a great  holiday! There are no super expectations or traditions to uphold. You pretty much just get to not go to work. This Labor Day, Dan brewed beer and put a giant amount of meat in the smoker. Friends came over to help eat some of that bounty, and then it was cool enough to build a fire in our patio firepit and sit outside and play Catchphrase. A previously unappreciated attribute of Catchphrase is that it lights up so you can play it when it is dark.

photoSkitzy by Don Freeman – We made a trip to Half Price books last weekend because they had their 20% off everything sale. Our new pact is that for every new book that comes into this house, we need to get rid of one. I have to find four books that I can part with because of last week’s excursion. One of the books that I brought home was a wordless book by Don Freeman called Skitzy. I noticed it because of the author. Don Freeman is the author of one of my favorite children’s books, Corduroy. Skitzy is not a children’s book, but it is a story completed told in a series of minimal line drawings. Mr. Skitzy is a divided man. He is a happy artist and a morose office worker. Don shows us a day in the life of Mr. Skitzy, which is quite delightful. The book was self-published by the author  in  1955, but in 2008, the wonderful publisher Drawn & Quarterly released the version that I found. It is a fun book and it led me to learn more about Don Freeman. That is a good thing too!

photo1New Work Space – I have renewed energy for my book writing and to go along with it, I have a new writing space. We did a little rearranging a few weeks ago and the desk that had previously been in our kitchen, now is in our “library.” Now when I work on my book, I sit at this really nice desk in one of the favorite rooms in our house. I get to have my binders with lots of my reference articles at my side, and some of my other fun stuff at my fingertips. It is weird how just sitting at the desk makes me more productive and focused with my writing.

A Saturday Walk – I have been completely awful about getting out and exercising lately. Maybe if I say it here, I will embarrass myself into being better and making that a good thing. I did go out and walk Saturday morning. The great thing about Saturday walks is that there is so much more activity than weekdays. I saw lots of people out working in their yards. I passed a really cute young dad out walking his baby in a stroller. I saw a little girl working on learning to ride her bike. The church that I walk by was playing bell songs. It was a lovely summer day in the neighborhood and I enjoyed each step of my journey.

book clubFajita Night Book Club – Our book club has been active for almost 26 years. For the past several years, a yearly tradition is that during a summer month, we have book club at Tracy’s house and she serves her delicious fajitas. Everyone brings something to share and we spend the evening on her great deck, eating, drinking, and occasionally talking about the book we read. This year’s book was a great one, The End of Your Life Book Club. Those at our table had a really nice conversation about it, but the highlight of the evening was just having time to spend with a great group of people who share a love of books and being around each other.

Here is wishing each of you many good things in the new week!


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