Last Week’s Good Things

There are some serious issues facing our world. This week has been particularly unsettling. It is always comforting to reflect on the good in such times.  I am one of the lucky people who has multiple good things that always surround me. Below are five of the good things that stood out for me this week.

If you care to, comment to the blog and list one good thing that occurred during your week. Most of us have them. It can take time to come up with any to enumerate, but it is comforting when we do.graceandtony

1. Grace and Tony – Noisetrade is a website that musicians use to generate an audience. The concept is that they offer free music in exchange for getting the email addresses and zip codes of those who get their music. There is also an opportunity to leave the artists a monetary tip and to post your music find on your Facebook page or other social media venue. I have discovered lots of new music via this path. This week I found Grace and Tony. Grace Shultz and Tony White are Tennesseans. Grace had been playing mainly bluegrass and Tony punk when they met. Their collaboration is what they call grassphemy, and is full of guitar, mandolin, banjo and storytelling. Tony’s brother is John Paul Williams who is the male half of Civil Wars – a much quieter couples duo. When I got the free download I did not leave a tip, but I went back and left one. I want to support this couple’s music and I am eager to get some more. As of the time I am writing this, the link is still up if you want to get some Grace and Tony too. lindahall

2. Linda Hall Library – Although Dan says differently, I don’t think that I have ever been in Linda Hall Library. That changed on Friday. Thanks to a wonderful friend, I got a fabulous tour of an amazing library. Linda Hall is a science, engineering and technology library located near the University of Missouri – Kansas City campus. It sits on exquisitely beautiful grounds where most of the trees are marked with their Latin names. Within the library, the visitor can access books from as far back as the 1400s. One can sit in a Cosmology Theater where peaceful images of space are projected with a lovely soundtrack. Among the usual library accoutrements, are some beautiful art pieces and displays of history. Currently there is an exhibit of lithography. In October a new exhibit, Wheels, Pyramids, and Spinning Tops: The Scientific Approach to Color, curated by Nancy V. Green will be on display. I am greatly excited about this one. During our tour, we got to talk a little to Nancy about what we might expect. This library is a treasure, not only to Kansas City but to library lovers everywhere! lemon

(Photo from food52 website)

3. Lemon Ricotta Bars – I needed to bring a dessert for a dinner this week. I wanted to do something not too heavy; not too sweet. I chose a recipe that I saved back in July 2012 from the great foodie website, food52. Sometimes lemon bars can be a little gelly. These were creamy and tart at just the right level, with a nice shortbread crust. A keeper recipe.

4. Reconnecting – We were at a gathering last night at the home of some friends. These friends who are great party throwers, so we have had the opportunity to share in their hospitality before. Over the last few years, we have gotten to know a particular couple through these events. They are just the best! They have fascinating lives and interests. They are outgoing and interested and interesting. I am always hopeful that we will find the opportunity to see them more often and maybe we will actually do it this time. As it is, the chance to see Jerry and Denise last night was a treat!

5. Doonesbury – I have read Doonesbury for as long as I remember. I feel like I know the characters as friends. This summer, Doonesbury creator, Garry Trudeau has been on hiatus, but the paper continues to publish classic strips. The strip that ran on August 25 was a beautiful example of how the comic strip format can sum up a huge issue in six panels (full strip is eight, but my newspaper only printed the last six), a few word balloons, and characters drawn to allow for recognition. In this particular strip, BD and Leo/Toggle are sitting on a couch talking. BD is an original character of the strip. In the Iraq war, BD lost a leg. Leo/Toggle served in BD’s unit and also suffered injuries of war. BD helps Leo heal in all respects. The two are talking about how Leo is adjusting to marriage and Leo speaks of his need to be worthy of his wife who means so much to his being healthy. BD then makes his own comment about worthiness. The last two panels are killer. I don’t think I can post the strip on here, but here is the link. 

8 thoughts on “Last Week’s Good Things

  1. For last week one of my good things was finding your blog. Why didn’t I know about it before? I admire and respect what you are doing and how well you do it! Thank you!

    This week, after our longest separation ever, we get to see our grandchildren for 10 days! Best. Fun. Possible!

  2. I saw that Doonesbury and thought the same thing. This, week, “one good thing” upon which I am reflecting actually happened a while ago. That is, I found my long lost niece. Swweeeeettt!!!!!

  3. I’ve hesitated to write my best thing, because it’s a little hard to write about without risking offense, but one great thing about my past week, and, really, my recent history, is having enough money to not worry about money. We don’t lead a luxurious life compared to a lot of folks, but it’s not a crisis if my car needs a couple hundred dollars in repairs, or if we think we want a new table for the dining room. We will never be wealthy, and we will never be able to afford to retire, but I remember years when things were really tight, and the tension was awful. I’m just glad we’re past that.

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