Last Week’s Good Things!

iron_man3_1It has been awhile since I have gotten in two blog posts in a week, but this week, we need to get it done. There were good things last week and they deserve to be recognized!

  1. Amazon Prime – This is one of those things that I think I may be a little shallow about, but goodness gracious, I love Amazon Prime! Lots of people like it for the streaming video and whatnot. I love it for the free and quick shipping! This week I had this great idea to order some protein bars, some more coffee and a new calendar. I ordered them Sunday and I had them by Tuesday. A couple weeks ago, we ordered a new Weber Gas Grill. It was crazy heavy and it was delivered free. We have gotten our moneys worth out of it for sure! Call me a fan.
  2. Two work related shout outs – A few months ago, one of the people that I manage asked me to write a letter of recommendation for her for graduate school. This week she found out that she got accepted. She was so thankful to me for writing the letter, but really, seeing her spirit to get working on a new chapter of her life was something that just made me feel great! The other thing at work was that I had one of my co-workers come to my door on Monday to see if I was going to a presentation at the hospital. I hadn’t signed up in time so I wasn’t register. She encouraged me to come with her anyway. I ended up getting in and it was very good. The best thing, however, was her coming to me; encouraging me; and being happy for me when I got in. Both of these examples seem very simple as I write them, but they are the kinds of things that can change the flavor of a day.
  3. Notes under my pillow – I believe I have noted that Dan has been doing some crazy traveling lately. I am not sure how many miles he has traveled over the last month, but it is pretty significant. More often than not, when I get into bed on the night he  has left, there is a note under my pillow. This week’s note was a particularly good one! It kind of makes me miss him more when he is gone, but that isn’t a bad thing.
  4. Mini road trip with food and song – For some reason, I always think that Lawrence is much farther away than it is. We really need to get there more often! Braving the crazy rain storm Saturday night, we met friends at 715 in Lawrence for a wonderful meal. I had the rabbit ravioli – which I believe is the first pasta dish that I have had since starting this South Beach thing. The filling had a little hint of sweet which was a nice balance to the richness of the rabbit. I also had a Sidecar and a Manhattan that were killer.The service was very nice and our waiter got us out of there in time to go to our second Lawrence outing – a concert by the Simon Carrington Chamber Singers. I am not sure that I have heard choral singing since high school days, but this group is pretty amazing. They also had a high school ensemble perform with them. I am not a good enough musician to understand why the high schoolers weren’t almost as good as the professionals, but they were sure impressive. While I probably will not make choral music a part of my repertoire, I am glad that I did it, and it made for a lovely mini road trip ending!tmbg
  5. Outing on my own – I am going to cheat a little here and bring in something from two weeks ago. Thursday is usually my Friday at work. Two weeks ago on Thursday, at the end of the day, I had the window open in my office. It was a beautiful day, and I could hear a band warming up for an evening concert. The band was They Might Be Giants. I love this band, plus I have an especially warm place in my heart for them, because I think it was the first band I introduced one of my children to that they really love too. I knew they were playing, and I had toyed with the idea of going. But hadn’t really asked anyone and Dan was still gone. I just went. At 7:00, when the gates were open, I shut down my computer, and drove the couple blocks to the venue. It was so fun! I stood right by the stage during their performance. I got a concert t-shirt. I was home by 11:00!  I am so glad that I did that! Then, this week, I had some movie coupons that were about to expire so I went to go see Ironman 3. Loved it too (other than the movie previews that came on before it. They kind of scared the beejeezus out of me.). I have never minded doing things on my own, but I haven’t really done it that much lately (my creepiest example of me doing something on my own was when I went to the drive-in by myself while I was home from college to go see the Deerhunter.) These were some good things.

5 thoughts on “Last Week’s Good Things!

  1. I loved Iron Man! Such a surprise! Here in New Zealand they advertised ‘The Great Gatsby’ before hand, so I was a bit luckier with the movie adverts than you!

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