Last Week’s Good Things

There was reason for this to be a week where it would have been hard to find good things. Dan was away all week after a very nice weekend. While my work week had its accomplishments, it also had things that I didn’t necessarily want to deal with. But, no matter what, there were such wonderful good things that happened to me and around me! I bet that everyone had them too!


  1. Driving home on Friday – I usually don’t work on Friday. For the past two Fridays, I have  because of meetings that I have to go to, or just scheduling issues. Whatever the reason, it makes me feel a tiny bit put out even though I find the office deliciously quiet and personally productive on Fridays. As I was driving home on Friday, I glanced over my shoulder to see the chapel that friends of ours had gotten married in a couple years ago, In front of the chapel was a beautiful bride and groom surrounded by friends and family.  How is that not a great way to come home from a day of work!
  2. Poetry Night – I think I have written before about our book club. Every year we do a poetry night where, rather than a book, people bring a poem that means a lot to them. This week we had our annual gathering. It is just such a great thing! I read some Ogden Nash. A couple people read things that either they or a loved one had written. There is just something welcoming about reading aloud and amongst friends.isbell-shires-225x300
  3. New York Times article about Jason Isbell – A few months ago I mentioned to Dan how cute I found the Facebook posts that Jason Isbell wrote about his girlfriend/fiance. They were always just perfectly charming. Jason used to be a member of the band The Drive By Truckers. He left them when his addictions pretty much got a hold of him and made him not a good collaborator. We saw him a couple years ago, and I thought he was great, but I expect it was during a time of big drinking. Now, he has a new album coming out, he has married that cute girlfriend, and he has come out of his addictions with the help of those he loves. The article is pretty great.
  4. Kickstarter – I very much like Kickstarter. The concept that I can give $6 to a concept that I believe inis pretty awesome! I have given to a number of projects that appeal to me, however, this week I got something back from my donation that really felt great. A few weeks ago, I had donated to a project that involved someone that I really like. At my donation level, I got a critique of my writing. This week I received the critique and it really reinvigorated my writing. Richard Goodman is a great writer and he had good things to say about my writing. He also seemed interested in what I am doing. It was such an example of how some words of praise are so important to all of us!
  5. Annotations – Before I sat down to write this, Dan made me take some time to listen to David Foster Wallace’s graduation speech that he gave in 2005 at Kenyon College. It is a lovely address that gets to what a short distance it would be for all of us to be empathetic if we tried. I would highly recommend listening to it, but the good thing that I am noting this week is the link that I came across that showed the books of David Foster Wallace. They show beautiful annotations.  For me, this is art. This is creativity. This is a wonderful mind at work that makes me marvel.

We all need marvel and empathy and encouragement and creativity and beauty in our lives. My wish for everyone is that we all find these this week.


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