Mamas Want Their Babies to Grow Up To Be Happy

I think a lot lately about happiness and what we do and don’t do to add to our level of happiness. This topic goes well with the approaching celebration of Mother’s Day. When I became a parent, what I wanted most for my kids was for them to be happy. I’m guessing that there are few parents out there who would look at that and think “my god! There is an original thinker!” But we all know that happiness doesn’t come easily, that it comes in different varieties, and that there are few people walking around who have lived 100% of their life in the happy zone. The obvious reaction to this, as a parent, is to make us kind of sad.

But, it shouldn’t.

I am kind of an expert on myself. I have given myself the once over quite a few times, and I think I have figured out some things. In my case, I can say that happiness was tough to come by during a few times in my life, but it never completely went away. I like that what I have grown into is a product of my own work, and the love and support that I got during not happy times. It also just came with time. What I feel when I wake up today, is a form of happiness that is so much more resilient to the day to day stuff that can knock it out of you. I’m also a hell of a lot better with the bigger things that can weigh heavy. It is good to grow into this.

I do think a lot about happiness. Not only do I want my kids to be happy; I want everyone to be happy. I believe we have power to move in that direction. There is wonder and kindness in this world that can literally make you hold your breath. 

There are funny things that can make you laugh every time that you see them. 

There are sounds you hear that melt your heart. 

There are people who you see that fill your heart with joy with just a glance. kids-1

To my children on Mother’s Day, while I always want happiness for you two, you have always been a source of my happiness. Thanks for making me a mom.


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