Last Week’s Good Things

Another week, more good things showing up around me!

  1. Magnolia and Bradford Pears – this is the week that you drive down many streets in Kansas City and you are treated with bursting trees of pink and white. The magnolia trees and the Bradford Pears are at their finest this week, and it is hard not to be struck by their beauty each time you go outside. This is what I see every time I walk out my back door:IMG510
  2. Finishing three books – I haven’t been happy with my reading output lately, but this week I got back in the game. The Plague and I gave me the story of a woman dealing with a health crisis at a very particular time in medical history. The Bronze Bow was another check off on my quest to read all of the Newbery award winners. More about that one later. The last one was The Great Gatsby. I think this was my fourth or fifth reading of The Great Gatsby. While I like this book very much, it is one of those stories that I lose over time. Fitzgerald does bring some beautiful writing to this period novel.
  3. Man on a bike – I was driving to a meeting after work this week and I was feeling slightly grumpy that I had to go to a meeting rather then just going home. To go to my meeting, I had to go down Main Street. At an intersection, I was stopped at a traffic signal. While sitting there, a guy on a bicycle rode in front of me. He was a middle aged man and he had a huge smile on his face. He was also riding a bicycle that he had tricked out with a steering wheel! and an American flag! and a Mexican flag! If I had not gone to my meeting, I would have missed that. He was a guy on a bike, enjoying one of our first spring days and he made me smile!
  4. My gym – I made an effort to get back to the gym this week, and once again I was struck by how great this place is! It is just a couple blocks from my house. It has all of the features that I want. Equipment that I want to use is almost always available. And, when I go there, I kind of feel like a young thing.
  5. Mad Men returns – The television season isn’t what it used to be. Shows don’t all start in September after you go to school and end before you are out on summer vacation. I kind of like that. This week, we got the return of Mad Men. There was a bunch going on in this first episode. I think I need to go back and watch it again, but it made me very eager for the rest of the season.

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