Last Week’s Good Things

sallie21. Opening Acts – Wednesday night we went to The Record Bar to hear music. The intent was to hear the main act, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, but I think the highlights of the night were the opening acts. We arrived early and were able to hear Bob Walkenhorst do his set. While we have intended to go to one of Bob’s weekly shows for a long time, this was our first. It is truly one of the best deals in Kansas City. For $5 we were treated with over and hour of guitars and songs that ranged from gospel-y to “Sympathy for the Devil.” The opening band for Thao was a band from Portland called Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside. Sallie Ford has a voice you will remember. Like The Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard, her sound is down home, gettin’ it done. We got her two cds which she signed, but Jim and Micaela got an even better memory of the night. Sallie, Jim, and Micaela photo booth shots.

peace2. Colum McCan’s article about peace in Ireland – On Easter, novelist Colum McCan had a column in the New York Times about peace in Ireland. It is just a beautifully written piece about the work that George Mitchell did to bring the sides together through patience and grit. It is hard to imagine now the Ireland that was just 15 years ago. No more car bombs. No more bloody people in the street. One of the many beautiful lines in this piece is, “[Mitchell] split a feather down the middle and encouraged both halves to take flight.” There is more lovely stuff and the message of hope is even more beautiful.

3. Radio Lab podcast about the Heimlich Maneuver – Radio Lab is a gem of a podcast. This week I listened to a recent show about the Heimlich Maneuver. The show was narrated by one of the show’s producers, Pat Walters, who had himself been given the Heimlich maneuver as a grade school student when he choked on a piece of apple. It turns out that Heimlich is still alive. Walters tracked him down and met with him. The show was a deep dive report on the beginning of the Heimlich and what has transpired since its being heralded as a lifesaver. The trajectory is incredibly interesting and I learned a lot. What stood out to me, however, was the end of the show when the reporter had the school nurse who performed the maneuver on him, read the letter that she had written him after she performed the Heimlich on him. She received a thank you letter from him and his family, and she responded to them with her own letter. The letter was incredibly moving. The school nurse wrote that over her years of being a school nurse her only goal was to make sure the kids in her school stayed safe and healthy. She went on that  there had been some kids over the years that she had lost. Her coming to his rescue was what she was there for.

breakfast4. I love book jacket designs and I love pretty fonts. The covers of Ismar David combined both of these. I know several of his designs, but didn’t know the source. I came across information about Mr. David this week.

5. Jasmine Coconut Rice – we had a great Easter dinner on last Sunday. Dan made the boneless leg of lamb and it was fantastic. My contribution was a salad and my favorite standby starch sidedish, Jasmine Coconut Rice. We had lots of leftovers, so I have been able to enjoy this favorite thing throughout the week. I highly recommend it. Many kudos to 101 Cookbooks for this addition to my life (I do substitute white jasmine rice).

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