Day Break

photo (1)I am an early riser, and I appreciate that I carry my early rising through weekends. My modus operandi is that I sleep hard the first part of the night, but the last hours of my sleep are generally dozy. I am usually ready to get out of bed before 5, but weekends I will will myself to doze a little later.

I love the pace of the first part of the day. It is still dark out. There are not expectations of getting things done right then. It is quiet – so as not to bother those who may not be early risers.

My morning routine starts out with coffee and the newspaper. Every day except Sunday it is The Kansas City Star that is thrown in the yard. Sunday brings The New York Times. Going outside to pick it up is my first entry into what today is going to be. I am happy that I can now move my snow boots away from the front door. These days I can just wear my slippers out, or in case of rain, my Birks.

I have my morning chair. My weekend chair is different from my weekday chair. My weekend chair is in the corner next to a window. I can see activity in front of the house – people out walking, lots of dogs out for their morning stroll, birds flittering about; the day breaking. If I pay close attention, week to week I can see seasonal changes. This week I can see trees beginning to flower and the bird population has picked up dramatically.

Once the paper is read, I open my computer. Sometimes I will find photos or messages from people in my life. Occasionally, a conversation will be started.

From the computer, I usually switch to paper things. I may read my current book or something that I have set aside as a “to read.” I used to consistently keep a journal, but I haven’t for awhile.  One of my “rulins” for this year was that I am going to do better at that. I have started trying to keep what I think of as a log book. I got the idea from the artist, Austin Kleon. His log book is linear, while mine is kind of a weekly hodgepodge. I like it, and I like having it by me in the morning to jot something down – a quotation, a good thing, an idea, a “to do.” photo (1)

My weekend morning chair becomes surrounded by stuff that I am in the midst of – books I am reading, books that I want to copy something out of, carry over parts of the Times, magazines, pens of many colors, scissors, tape. It brings in the day well.

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