Last Week’s Good Things

  1. Vanderbilt Student Playing with Billy Joel – My love for Billy Joel came with his release of The Stranger,the year before I went to college. I didn’t know much of his other work, but once at college, his music was in heavy rotation around campus. “New York State of Mind”  became a favorite, and it brings on a nostalgic pop culture reaction every time I hear it. This video is circulating around. It charmed me.
  2. 1998 New York Times article from Jim Bouton’s son asking the Yankees to let his dad play in the Old Timers Game – Last week I wrote about finishing Jim Bouton’s Ball Four. To get ready for our book club meeting, I did a little research on all things Bouton. One of the repercussions of the book’s publication was George Steinbrenner’s refusal to invite Bouton to return and play in the annual Old Timers game. Steinbrenner was not happy with Bouton’s portrayal of iconic Yankees like Mickey Mantle. This did not even change once Mantle wrote his own tell all book. In 1998, Jim Bouton’s daughter was killed in an automobile accident. The next year on Father’s Day, The New York Times published an open letter to the New York Yankees asking them to let bygones be bygones, and invite his dad to play. Michael, who was in college at the time, wrote:

       I see this as an opportunity to get my father some extra hugs at a time in his     life when he could use all the hugs he can get. It is something he would never seek for himself – he is going to kill me when he reads this – and maybe the kind of thing only a son or daughter can do for their father.

It is a sweet piece. The Yankees invited him, and I expect he got lots of hugs.

3.  Sitting on patios- On Monday, I wore my snow boots to work and I was bundled up in sweaters and scarves. On Thursday, the weather changed and the coat that I wore to work in the morning could be shed in the afternoon. Friday, I met a friend in the late afternoon and we sat on the patio at Julian and had a glass of wine and a chat. Last night, we grilled steaks and had a Manhattan on our patio. The weather board says that cold weather is coming back to town tomorrow, but I am thankful for these days of spring.

4.  fried egg sandwich with bacon and blue cheese – I love a good sandwich, and I made a pretty delicious one Friday night. This had a lot of flavor going on and made me very happy

5.  Dance lessons – One of the Christmas gifts that I got from Dan this year was a promise of dance lessons. We started two weeks ago. It is a very casual, low pressure format. We have fox trotted and waltzed. Next time we are in Italy and there is music in the piazza, we will be ready!

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