Last Week’s Good Stuff

swamp dog

  1. Instagram – Instagram is not just a good thing this week, it is a good thing every week! What a cool thing it is that I can post a picture to show my kids what is up, and vice versa. I can’t post the picture that Ali posted on Friday (but I can post another adorable Banjo pic) because Instagram does not allow it, but it was a picture of Banjo intently staring at the television set watching the movie “Up.” Ali says that Banjo enjoys three things on television: “Up,” “Elf,” and Barack Obama. Yesterday, Sam posted a picture taken in the Time Warner center of some kind of crazy looking mascot animal approaching a family with a baby in a stroller. He captioned it “The beginning of years of psychotherapy.” It made me laugh.
  2.   The Oh Hellos – I came across the band, the Oh Hellos via an invitation from Noisetrade to download their latest album for free.oh helloThe promotion said that this band is good for fans of The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons. Their album is quite lovely. The group is made up of a brother and sister duo from Texas who do the vocals, and a back up group of musicians. They have a very nice folky, rocky feel, and they seem like nice people trying to make it in the music business. Their Twitter feed was on the Noisetrade site and it had four entries over the course of this year. Two were made in the last couple days about the success they are having with the Noisetrade promotion. The other two are from the beginning of the year. The first one says:

theohhellos: Our New Year’s resolution is so tweet more. Sooooo… How                            bout this weather, yeah?

I liked that!

3.  Ball Four by Jim Bouton – I finished our book club book today. We are reading Jim Bouton’s baseball autobiography, Ball Four. Bouton was a major league pitcher who injured his arm, but then went on to learn to throw the knuckleball. ballfour2000_mHe had a short-lived stint with the Seattle Pilots (now the Milwaukee Brewers) and the Houston Astros. The book is written like a stream of consciousness walk through his year in baseball. It is eye-opening to some extent, but what it really is is hilarious. The locker room, on the field,  hotel room. back of the bus shenanigans are laugh out loud funny. I love baseball books, even though I am not that big of a baseball fan. This is a beauty. Dan is listening to it and Jim Bouton is the one reading it. Bouton cracks up himself as he is reading. Too good!

4.  The Stirring Blood – When I was doing some book research this week, I ran across a gem. It is a recording of a old time radio drama of the discovery of the blood groups, and how the doctors then discovered Rh differences that led them to being able to save the lives of babies born to Rh incompatible parents. The radio broadcast is from the series The Cavalcade of America and was first broadcast on March 10, 1947. The premise of the drama is a newspaper reporter wanting to write this story for the newspaper but his editor thinking it is too confusing for the public. The reporter proves that he can tell it to the level of the reader by bringing in the office ditzy blond and proceeding to tell her the story. It sexist as all get out, but quite delightful

5. The Lucky Peach – The Lucky Peach is a quarterly food and writing journal published by the McSweenys people. I just finished reading the most recent issue – Theme: The Apocalypse. lpVia interviews, articles, photographs, comics, painting and recipes, the publication spins food pre and post apocalypse. It is a creative, fun read. My favorite was a photo essay where they took famous dishes from some of the most famous restaurants and left them out to rot – as if the end of all things came during a meal. It is a very fancy science experiment.


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