Last Week’s Good Stuff



  1. Going to School –  A child that we had enrolled on one of our clinical trials went to school last week for the first time in a very long time. His mom sent us a picture of him in his classroom. He looked great!
  2. Saturday morning calls – Saturday morning there were calls from both kids just to chat and talk about what was going on. That was a double dose of good stuff!
  3. Darwin’s House – I came across this wonderful article about the house in which Charles Darwin and his family lived. The article is just full of wonderful descriptions of what the family life must have been like. As a reader, I got the hominess, comfort, curiosity and love that was the Darwin house. One tends to think of Darwin as the investigator and writer, but this article made me think of Darwin the family man.
  4. Snow tech guy – All of the snow that fell early in the week did not get shoveled before we went back to work. I found a person on Craig’s list offering to do snow clean-up so I called him up while at work and I left him a message. When he called me back, I answered with my usual work greeting. He laughed and told me that he wished he had a fancy name, but he was the snow removal guy. I had a cheery conversation with him about the snow in our driveway and walkway and that he really did need a title for what he was doing. We agreed on “the Snow Tech Guy.” When I came home that night, the driveway and walkway were clear, and a receipt was left, signed “The Snow Tech Guy.”
  5. The beauty of the snow – As cumbersome and substantial as the snow was, it was really quite beautiful. When I drove home from work on Thursday it was dusky. All of the trees on either side of the street were bare of leaves, but seemed outlined by the white snow that still stuck to the surface of many of the branches. Nature has been quite stunning.

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