Last Week’s Good Stuff

The Sessions – The Oscars is my award show and I like to go into it somewhat prepared. This year we are not in great shape, but we are trying to get at least a couple more nominations in before next Sunday. On Friday night, we watched The Sessions. Based on a true story, the movie tells the story of Mark O’Brien. O’Brien contracted polio as a child and spent most of the rest of his life in an iron lung. He did what he could to live as fulfilling a life as he could – going to college, graduate school, earning a living. One thing that he didn’t have was sex. The sessions are his appointments with a sex surrogate. Helen Hunt gives a great performance. Her relationship with Mark is so lovely. She takes time to understand him. She makes sure that he understands her. It was all so comfortable and real. While Helen Hunt is nominated for an Oscar, John Hawkes is not. Not sure what happened there.

College book stores – On Monday I attended a workshop at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. The workshop site was in the same building as the college bookstore. As a person who loves pens, tablets, and anything in between, I don’t think there is a better place for finding treasures. The two that I came away with:

Decomposition Book


Pilot Precise V7 RT



Unexpected snow on a Friday night – Weekends are the best time for snow. If there are any plans, there is usually enough flexibility that they can be changed if the weather goes south. On Friday night, as we sat watching the movie in our living room, we noticed that it had started to snow. It was a beautiful snow shower that left a covering over the trees and lawns.

New dishes – I like mismatched dishes, but for my birthday, I made a decision that it might be nice to have a little more consistency in our dinnerware. Over the last few weeks, we have been taking advantage of sales and coupons and buying some Fiestaware. We have different colors, so it goes with my love of the mismatching, but all of the pieces are the same size. I love the way that they look in our open cupboards, and last night, when we had people over, I got to see what they look like on a fully set table. Very happy making.

Pop Culture Happy Hour – Each Friday I am eager to download a new episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour. This is a podcast that includes NPR staffers who sit around and talk about things in pop culture. It might be movies, television shows, music, books… Whatever it is, the four regulars involved: Linda Holmes, Stephen Thompson, Trey Graham, and Glen Weldon, manage to make me inevitably happy with their good natured banter. This week they talked about the Grammy awards, how presidents are depicted in pop culture, and, as always, they ended up describing what is making them happy that week. I have found many things that make me happy via this wonderful listen!



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