Last Week’s Good Stuff

birthday girl

  1. Meetings – This year, I am making an effort to communicate more face-to-face rather than via email. It can definitely be more of a hassle, but I believe in the positives that result.That being said, I had a few meetings last week that were great. Either the people involved were engaged, or what the meeting resulted in was better than I anticipated.
  2. Hillary Clinton – This week Hillary Clinton left her post as Secretary of State. I knew Hillary Clinton was something special when my very Republican father told me that he thought Hillary was a good Senator for New York. If she could win over my dad, her ability to bring together world leaders seemed reasonable. Well done, Madame Secretary!
  3. Impromptu dinners – Friday night we met some friends for a beer and sat around talking for awhile. Dan made some chili earlier in the day so it would be ready when we got home. We ended up inviting our friends over and extended our visit over dinner. It is great to be able to have the flexibility to bring unexpected guests over, have a good dinner, and have it all come off pretty effortlessly.
  4. Banjo’s Birthday – Ali celebrated her dog’s first birthday on Friday with a new dog shirt, a dog birthday cake, and much love. That dog and her girl are perfect together.Parks and Recreation - Season 5
  5. Ben’s bachelor party on Parks and Recreation – We had to say goodbye to Liz Lemon and 30 Rock this week. It was a good episode, but my favorite television of that night was Parks and Recreation. Of particular note was the story line of Ben’s bachelor party. The deal was that when Chris found out that none of the other guys at the party had gotten a bachelor party when they married, he made their dream bachelor parties happen too. This show is just good natured funny and charming.

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