Last Week’s Good Stuff

Sundays mean time to sit back and prepare for the week ahead. Time to go through what happened the previous week. Five favorite things from last week:

  1. The Inauguration of Barack Obama – My day off this week was Monday so I got to watch the Inauguration ceremony. President Obama’s speech made me hopeful and proud.IMG424
  2. Silver Linings Playbook – Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are a complicated couple. I liked the movie and I liked that I got another Oscar movie on board.
  3. Paul Levy – Paul Levy used to run a major hospital in Boston. This week he presented Grand Rounds at our hospital. He talked about how his experience coaching girl’s soccer guides how he ran a hospital.
  4. Dan teaching people how to brew beer – Today was a brewing day for Dan. When he plans to brew he usually posts it on Facebook. He oftentimes has people come over – some to just hang out; some to learn. Today was one of the days that he had a student brewer with him all day. It was cute.
  5. Dinner with friends – With birthday and restaurant week, we have had a few great meals out recently. Last night we went to a friend’s house for dinner. We all brought a dish; sat around the table and talked – best  meal.



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