Having a Road Buddy is Lucky

Last weekend, Dan had to go to Des Moines and Omaha to attend two work related events. The events were alumni gatherings at minor league baseball games. I decided to go with him, and our plan was to leave Friday afternoon.

I had to go to work that day, so I packed my stuff before I left. Dan dropped me off at work in the morning, with the plan to pick me up after lunch. At about 1:00, I got a call from him. I could tell that something was wrong, and it was. While he was eating lunch with friends, someone had smashed in the window of his car, grabbed his bag with his computer, and grabbed our luggage. This happened over the lunch hour in a very busy area of town. Gross.

Obviously, this was upsetting. There are certainly troubling implications when you lose something like a computer. Among the items in the luggage, there were some things that especially were a drag to lose (i.e. my favorite pair of pajama pants with the owls, and my awesome Widu hairbrush).

The thing is, it was okay. He came and picked me up. We went home and covered up the window with plastic. We packed another bag (with my perfectly adequate pajama pants and old hairbrush). We got the information into the insurance company. Then, we loaded up the Bug and hit the road.

My theory is that the main reason that this was as drama-free as it was is because of Road Buddyness. If Dan had gotten into the car alone and headed off, he would have had 200 miles to stew about the deed. I would have had a weekend worrying about what was happening with our stuff and our information.

Instead, we rode together and put together a list of what we lost. We listened to podcasts about traveling to Italy. I took a few naps.

We arrived at the super cute Des Moines stadium right on time and spent a hot summer evening meeting and talking with some very nice people and watching ball players trying to work their way into the big leagues. After the game, we sat in the darkened stadium and admired fireworks lighting up the sky over the golden dome of the Iowa capitol building. It was a pretty all-American kind of night.

We said our goodbyes and left the stadium to find our hotel – a Super 8. Again, this could have been kind of a bummer as it really had some questionable characteristics. It was fine because we each had our road buddy there to share it with. This was silliness to laugh at together. Among the silliness was our trying to find a bottle of wine. Des Moines is the home of the Hy Vee grocery chain and there seem to be Hy Vees everywhere. So, I used my trusty smartphone to locate the nearest Hy Vee and had it navigate us there. I guided Dan to turn here and turn there and we seemed to be getting into a light-industrial type area. We believed in the phone, however, and kept going. We ended up at the Hy Vee corporate headquarters. Oops.

Undeterred, we tried again and did find a HyVee and a bottle of wine. It was after 11:00 and the store seemed to be filled with people looking for something to drink. The young man ahead of us decided that he needed his bottle of Jack Daniels. The couple behind us had bacon, eggs, hash browns, orange juice and vodka. It made me giggle.

Back at the hotel, we enjoyed a glass of wine, cursed the bad guy who took our stuff, laughed at some of the amusing things that happened, and went to sleep. The next morning I got up and had to go out to the car to get something. I went to go out the door and I tried to take the chain lock off. I couldn’t. I tried and tried and tried. The chain seemed too short. I finally had to get Dan out of bed to try. He too had some trouble, but eventually got it off. More silliness.


Saturday, we travelled to Omaha. Almost immediately, we ran into a torrential rain storm, but came out the other side to a cooler day. We stopped in Elk Horn, Iowa to see an authentic Danish Windmill that was rebuilt and open to visitors. We searched through the Egg Krate antique shop looking for treasures. We got to Omaha, checked into a very nice hotel, and got to spend time at another cool baseball park with more nice people. After the game, we sat and had a drink in a classic hotel lobby bar that could have been out of Mad Men with its low tables and over-stuffed chairs. It was a wonderful opportunity for eavesdropping, so we had some great fun with that.

Sunday morning we were back on the road, but had an obligatory stop at a truck stop antique mall where I found some lovelies and experienced a road miracle.

I saw these glasses almost immediately.

I looked at the tag: $12 for a set of nine. I pondered them as I looked through the rest of the store. Of course, I decided that I wanted them. Dan helped me take them to the counter where the young woman checked me out,

got them wrapped and packaged. Back in the car I was gushy over my pretty find. Dan mentioned that it would have been nice if there were ten.

When we got home, I unwrapped them so I could get them washed and see how really pretty they are. There were ten glasses.



One thought on “Having a Road Buddy is Lucky

  1. Sorry to hear about the car theft; but glad you and Dan were able to regroup and enjoy your weekend travels. The windmill looks wonderful – did it work? And I love the glass!

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