Comfort Food

With Sam’s departure yesterday, I turned to one of those recipes that combines simplicity and comfort. I have read that one of Mario Batali’s favorite pasta dishes is this one that combines pasta, olive oil, parmesan and black pepper. I concur. What we are talking about here is your basic butter noodles made a little more adult.

The recipe for two is pretty simple:

  • Cook and drain 1/2 pound of pasta, saving 3/4 cup of the pasta liquid
  • To the pasta pan that has been dried out and reheated, add 3/4 cup of olive oil and heat until just smoking
  • Throw in the pasta and pasta water. This will snap and spit, so be careful.
  • Add 1 T of butter, 2 oz of grated parmesan, 1tsp of fresh ground pepper and salt taste.

Dan and I ate this while sharing a wonderful beer that Sam had brought for us. We sat and talked about how good it was to spend time with him, and how we are lucky to have such children as we do.

The pasta didn’t completely do the trick, but it helped.


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