Newbery Challenge

One aspect of parenting that I have the fondest memories of, is reading books to the kids. When I was pregnant with Ali, Sam and I would spend hours on the couch reading certain books over and over again. I’m looking at you, Ernie…

When Sam reached a certain age, though, we decided that our reading would focus on Newbery award winners. We made a valiant effort, including the very first winner:

When Mr. Van Loon sat down to write his story, he meant business. Published in 1921, he detailed life from the caveman to the very modern man of his present. Coming in at close to 500 pages, that book was our mantle of success. After soldiering through that one, we seemed invincible.

But there were still decades worth of winners ahead of us if we were to conquer that list before our read-aloud days were over. It didn’t happen. Somewhere between The Giver and Walk Two Moons, I think, our nighttime ritual gave way to homework and other vestiges of growing up. Books continued to be a huge part of our family’s life, but sitting on the edge of a child’s bed reading a story became a fond memory.

But I am returning to the challenge. I am committing to a return to the list and making my way through the remaining winners. I am eager to share my progress here!

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